I-Beams for your New Floor and Roof Projects

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Cost Saving

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Carvers Timber Engineering offers you the I-beam – a simpler engineered timber floor and roof solution for house building, self-build, and home improvement or renovation projects.

We offer a bespoke and enhanced timber floor and roof joists designed especially for the smaller developer and renovator. This includes a full I-beam timber floor or roof design service.

The I-beam timber floor or roof comes as a complete flat pack kit including detailed tailored layout drawings and fixing accessories. Once we have discussed your requirements we prepare this for you and deliver, if requested, to your site.

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Benefits of using I-beams

The advantages to using I-beams rather than traditional materials are:

  • Less waste with light, straight, and long lengths.
  • Good project planning and logistics with cut-to-size products.
  • Customised – I-beams are adapted to your requirements for length, mitre cutting, insulation, hole cutting etc. We prepare as much as possible, thus saving time on the building site.
  • Light weight – easier to handle when installing.
  • Longer beams.
  • Straight and no shrinkage – glued components give minimal warping and shrinkage, even in long lengths and damp conditions.
  • More stable – eliminates ‘squeaky floors’ when installed correctly.
  • Installation-friendly – installations are easily accommodated by means of flexible and quick hole cutting in the web. Beams can also be supplied ready-drilled, saving time and money on the building site and providing faster installation.
  • Energy savings – few cold bridges, well-insulated, and no draughts.
  • Fire Safe ‐ 30- and 60-minute fire certificate.
  • Good acoustics.
  • Order is cut ready for each order with a detailed layout drawing.
  • Keenly priced.
  • Made from fully sustainable resources.

Full usage instructions are included and technical advice is readily available from our support team who are just a call away.

I-beams also have clear environmental and energy benefits and are well known for being lightweight, strong and straight. Carvers Timber Engineering are accredited for timber chain of custody by PEFC.

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