Answers to your Questions About I-beams

What is a Masonite beam?

A Masonite beam is a structurally engineered timber joist, comprised of slow-grown, high grade white wood flanges combined with OSB for the web. For more information download the I-beam tech guide.

What size I-beams do we stock?

We stock I-beams in 220mm, 240mm & 300mm depths with widths of 47mm, 60mm, 70mm & 97mm. We also stock Glulam beams at depths of 240mm and 300mm deep.

How do I obtain Masonite beams?

We stock Masonite beams in 13m lengths and cut to suit in our dedicated manufacturing facility. For a free design and quotation please book an I-beam consultation

How long will my I-beam kit take to deliver?

Within a 50 mile radius of Wolverhampton we can deliver within 7 to 10 working days once a layout has been approved and payment taken.

Can Masonite beams be used in the construction of roofs?

Masonite beams can be used in the design of both flat and pitched roofs. Please see the Masonite Technical guide for more information.

Can I cut or notch the flanges of Masonite beams?

Under no circumstances must the flanges of joists be cut or notched. Should a flange become damaged, please contact the design office to see if a remedial detail can be provided.

Can I create holes in the web of Masonite beams?

Holes for services can be created in the web of Masonite beams. Please follow the circular and rectangular hole installation guide within the Masonite Technical guide.

My question is not listed. Where can I get more information?

Please fill out the I-beam enquiry form and one of our designers will be happy to help.