About I-Beams

And why they are better than traditional joists

Our I-beams have unique benefits and can reduce your costs in several ways. The light weight of the components makes them easy to handle, thus allowing building work to proceed more quickly and efficiently. For example, a building worker can carry our products without a crane. In other words, several building tasks can be carried out before it is necessary to bring the cranes into use. Products can be adjusted to customers’ requirements in respect of length, mitring, insulation, hole cutting, etc. We prepare as much as possible so customers can have products adapted for their specific project, which also saves time on the building site.

Standard I-beam Dimensions

Carver’s engineered timber I-Joists consist of slow-grown, high grade white wood flanges combined with OSB for the web. Our I-Joists carry the ETA certification and CE marking, together with PEFC chain of custody certification. They are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001. Our I-Joists are manufactured to a wide range of lengths to meet all structural requirements and are available in the following depths: 220mm, 240mm, 300mm, 350mm.

Note: The HL joist is identified by a red dotted line on the flange.

Standard Depths mmHLHHMHIHB

Glulam Beams and Dimensions

Glulam Beams are manufactured from 40mm laminations of Nordic Spruce to GL24H standard under EN14080. Available in 13m lengths, Glulam Beams are the perfect complement to I-beams as part of the Carver Timber Engineering Floor System.

Depth mm45mm90mm

I-beam Benefits

Increasingly strict environmental requirements and rising energy costs make it more important than ever to choose construction materials which are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. Masonite I-Beams are unique because the raw material is utilised so efficiently. Up to 80 % of the tree`s volume is used. The profile of the beams minimises thermal bridging and requires less raw material. The result is lower energy costs and lower living costs. The environmental burden and the utilisation of resources are kept to an absolute minimum by using reduced I-beam dimensions. Sawmill by-products are also used in production. Therefore, natural resources are used more efficiently. As energy costs increase, the energy and environmental benefits of timber floor I-beams have become increasingly obvious.

Our products provide many of economic and technical benefits in comparison with alternative materials:

  • Long – standard lengths of up to 13m, with the possibility of obtaining lengths of up to 18m.
  • Strong – I-beams are manufactured from carefully selected construction timber and special panel material.
  • Light – significantly lower weight in comparison with conventional construction timber makes the products easy to handle.
  • Straight – an advantage of glued components is minimal warping and shrinkage due to moisture.
  • Energy benefits – superior thermal efficiency thanks to minimal thermal bridging. Thermal bridging, and thus heat loss, is reduced in comparison with traditional construction materials.
  • No readjustments – Since I-beams maintain their shape and do not warp, costly readjustments can be eliminated. Over time, warped beams can cause problems such as creaky floors, leaks, etc. When using I-beams, you do not have to worry about making these adjustments.
  • ISO certified – construction and production certified in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001 and SS-EN ISO 14001.
  • Environmental benefits – the environmental burden and resource utilisation are minimised by using reduced timber dimensions. Significantly less natural resources are required than with traditional timber beams.
  • Simple drilling for easier installation – Installation is made easier with simple drilling through the thin rib. Drilling holes in the I-beam ribs is quick and easy. The beams can also be supplied with pre-drilled holes. This saves time and money, because fitters can work more efficiently with shorter wiring runs and fewer pipe bends.
  • Customised products with short construction time – I-beams can be adapted to customer requirements for length, mitre cuts, insulation, hole-drilling, etc. We pre-pack the product to save time at the construction site. The I-beams are easy to handle, thanks to being light weight. As a result, projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently.
  • Type approved and inspected – I-beam timber floors and roof joists are approved in the UK. Production inspection takes place through accredited control bodies.

Simple installation with 38% higher efficiency

I-beams simplify installation work with simple drilling in the thin OSB material. Drilling holes in our I-beams is quick and easy.

I-beams can also be supplied with pre-drilled holes from the factory. Save time and money because fitters can work more efficiently with shorter wiring routes and fewer pipe bends. At the same time, beams which are adapted for specific functions and proven designs result in overall construction efficiency with minimal material waste. The result is a 38% reduction of work time for the construction of a joist structure with I-beams in comparison with traditional solid joists.

I-beam floors with High Acoustic Requirements

Multi-family buildings and buildings with horizontal partitions between flats will have high acoustic requirements for good sound comfort between homes, for example, footsteps and airborne noise. Masonite I-beams benefit from research and development in acoustic solutions for horizontal partitions conducted over 30 years, and our suppliers are still at the forefront in this area. We offer I-beam solutions for horizontal partitions where tests have demonstrated excellent acoustic properties despite a relatively simple design.

Sustainable Sourcing

When sourcing timber products, we will encourage and give preference to members of our supply base who ensure timber is grown and harvested in sustainable, managed forests. This sustainability is recognised by being approved by a CPET approved Timber Chain of Custody audit body. We encourage all members of our timber supply chain to join a suitable CPET approved scheme. This means you can be confident that all engineered timber flooring and roof joists that you install carry this seal of approval. Carvers are accredited for timber chain of custody by PEFC.

Who are Carvers Timber Engineering?

Carvers Timber Engineering are a sub-division of Carvers Building Supplies.  We are the timber engineering department for Carvers, specialising in supplying I-beam timber floor and roof systems for those of you undertaking house building, self-build, and home improvements or renovation projects.

Carvers were established in 1896 as a builders’ merchant in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. More than 115 years later, Carvers are still going strong supplying building supplies to customers throughout the Midlands. Carver Timber Engineering was formed in 1996 to provide customers with a specialist service supplying engineered timbers floors and roof joists. Our staff are highly trained and specialise in I-beams. You can rest assured that there is no question we can’t find an answer to about I-beams. We work with the market leaders in the I-beam industry and carry high levels of stock to ensure we don’t have to wait for your order.

We have also trained in the use of state of the art software to provide a drawing service to our customers. Once we have discussed your project with you and taken some details, we produce a tailored plan of your I-beam requirement and this is provided to you along with pre-cuts which are all wrapped and packaged for your project.

Carvers own and operate a fleet of delivery lorries of varying sizes to suit most access restrictions and product requirements, including bulk site deliveries. Delivery of your I-beam order can be arranged to your site.